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A brief response to those who criticize Cloud Vendors for warning about Private Cloud

There are many who scoff at people like Wogels and Benioff for making statements like ‘Beware the False Cloud’. Focusing on the naming aspect rather than the conceptual aspect is missing the point Benioff and Vogels et al are making.

I agree, who cares what you call it, but this is not their point. Their key point in saying to be wary of private cloud is that you forego all of the real benefits of abstraction, information leverage, true scalability in both directions, and the expertise leveraged from multiple tenancy security platforms etc.

The term ‘cloud’ was adopted to demonstrate the fundamental differences gained by abstracting the hardware out of the picture.

DIY is DIY, and some things should not be tried at home, unless you REALLY have a phenomenal driver of life and death importance to segregate and isolate.
Until you have really experienced these cloud benefits it is difficult to understand this fundamental difference, and why it is seen as such an important distinction

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